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A Kaya Kidz class helps to develop concentration, creative thinking, motivation, cooperation 
and balance 
A few important reasons why Kaya Kidz is so great for children:

 * Promotes physical strength, encouraging children to use all their muscles in new ways. 

  * Balance is a key element of yoga. The balancing poses were created specifically to promote 
mental and physical balance. Mental clarity and balance emerge from the effort of trying the poses. 
Even if the child never learns to stand on one foot, if they learn to stay calm when they fall-and 
to get up and try again-they’ve learned balance.

  * Concentration is a clear benefit of children’s yoga. There are many studies that show evidence 
that yoga helps children to focus and concentrate. Kaya Kidz encourages children to clear their 
minds and create a single-minded focus on the task at hand.

  * In Kaya Kidz, children learn to take turns and to respect others.